What is the environmental impact of a candle?

It's a pressing question we regularly ask ourselves with ever-growing interest in better lifestyle choices for the planet and for our homes, knowing exactly how eco-friendly our products truly are is as important as ever. Here is a brief look into our candle ingredients and an insight into our (and others') environmental impact.

Soy vs. Paraffin The majority of candles around the world are made with paraffin simply put, because it does a terrific job of holding scent and is readily available. It is a by-product of the petroleum refinement process that is turned into all kinds of waxes including the food-grade ones used on apples. As part of the ongoing global reliance on fossil fuels which is driving climate change and is unsustainable. The big problem with using paraffin is that it releases toxic chemicals, actually, anything that burns - including gas stoves to a wood burner - emits toxins.

This is where we come in, our environmentally-friendly candles are made with high quality soy wax and are far better for the environment and our health. It burns cleaner and is a renewable resource. The soy wax we use is sourced from North America and Brazil from purely ethical and non-genetically modified sources. A full supply chain audit has been carried out and only ethical suppliers have been chosen that do not contribute to de-forestation and what's more , since soy burns at a cooler temperature it results in a cleaner, longer lasting candle. Winner. At Spitchwick Candle Co. we've worked hard to find the balance between a great smelling versatile candle that's both sustainable and eco-friendly. Our recipe is entirely vegetable based. Because our recipe is 100% vegan it does mean that a small amount of frosting can sometimes occur. Frosting is when a small white crystalline layer forms on the surface of natural waxes such as soy. This is completely natural and occurs throughout any vegetable waxes. If they occur in your candle - it simply means you've proudly purchased a 100% vegan product made with pure vegetable wax. They do not affect the candles performance or burnability.

Fragrance & Wicks What goes in must come out. We are thoughtful with all our ingredients. Choosing fragrances that are free of unhealthy ingredients is essential. There are a lot of scented candles that contain phthalates, a category of chemicals that includes BPA - that harmful stuff we don't want in water bottles and baby toys. While companies are swapping out one bad phthalate for another when people protest, we feel none of it should be in your candle. All our fragrances are phthalate-free, plus meet the strictest rules for indoor air quality. Most candles today are made with pure cotton wicks, or cotton woven with paper. But there are still some out there that have metal in the core which helps keeps the wick rigid and burns hotter. Seriously? We can't fathom why anyone would want to burn metal in their home. We use only 100% cotton for our environmentally friendly candles with a recyclable aluminium sustainer (small widget to hold it in place at the bottom) which doesn't get burned.

Minimizing Soot A pure blue flame means whatever is burning is completely soot free, which actually isn't possible with candles. As with a wood fireplace, a yellow flame simply indicates there is incomplete combustion and some sooting that can't be avoided. However, that doesn't mean we can't minimize it.

At Spitchwick Candle Co. we only use the highest quality wax available to us and use our all-natural hand-waxed wicks. Trimming the wick is where you come in. The most effective way to minimize soot is to regularly trim your candle wicks after every use. We understand that most people don't do this before each lighting, but it really makes a huge difference. Use a wick trimmer to reach down inside a vessel for a quick, simple snip. They aren't expensive and are smartly designed to catch the trimmed part so you can easily remove it. Sustainable Business Values It's great to make greener, more sustainable lifestyle choices but it's also important to note how our product is mass-farmed. Companies that create eco-friendly products using an environmentally harmful process, or those that donate to help reduce poverty but are themselves paying poverty wages, really aren't living by the values they promote. 

We only use products from ethical and renewable sources so you can be rest-assured that when you shop with us at Spitchwick Candle Co. - you're doing the right thing.